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22nd-Apr-2011 06:18 am - Hi I am Still Around

Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

Not avoiding this, but I have been working and gaming and just trying to survive.

So a couple of updates:

Work in tech support for AdvancedMD.com now in case I haven’t said it before. They were purchased by ADP (yeah the payroll people but there is LOADS more to that company) a couple of months ago.

Playing softball on a company softball team. Still playing catcher so at least that hasn’t changed.

Down to 201 fully dressed with boots on.

Diabetes is in the best shape it has been in years. Average blood sugar is down to 150 or less.

No longer have ANY top teeth. Couple of weeks ago, I had my final 9 top teeth removed from my skull. Not a pleasant process but it was needed.

Finally got our HDTV working. If I haven’t told you the story before, long story short, friend replaced his 50″ HDTV with a new one. Gave us the old one. Bulb was blown was the only issue. New bulb and now, HD for the Xbox and more. Awww… pretty pictures.

Okay that is it for now. I will update with some photos we took pre and post teeth removal later.

*** EDIT *** Whoops, I should have realized she would have done it… Go to Nancy’s Page to see the photos I was gonna post. Look, it is over there <<————————–<<<

28th-Nov-2010 11:20 am - I Fail at Family

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Apparently, I am worse at keeping track of my family than I thought. What do I mean? Well, how about this: 3 weeks ago I moved into a new apartment complex with my family. What I was not aware of… is that my cousin Jeanette also lives in this same complex. D’OH!

13th-Nov-2010 01:11 pm - And We’re Back

Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

Well the move is complete. We have all the boxes in the apartment. The boxes are not all unpacked. In fact, I don’t think there is a closet in the house that doesn’t have a box in it for storage. This is probably worst for MJ as she only has enough stuff to fill her car and yet, her room and closet are shoved full of our stuff.
On the positive side, we have reduced our stuff alot. We went from 4 bookshelves for Nancy and I down to a total of 2. The kids have donated a large amount of toys and clothing. If you were ever in our old home, we had shelves of DVD which we owned. We have removed all of the DVD’s from their cases and moved them to binders. This brings up my question for this blog:

“Should we keep the cases for the DVD’s which are in the binders or dump them too?”

I know that some of the cases are worth saving. My Ultimate Matrix Collection won’t be going anywhere. My Dark Knight set isn’t going anywhere either! Obviously, if there are additional discs in the case (Bonus content and the like) then we keep those cases, but really, do I need to keep the cardboard plastic which held Benny and Joon?

Obviously, you can see my opinion here. So how do you deal with it? Some day I will get my list of movies back online, but let me just say we have 3 or 4 binders (the 200+ variety) and then a ton of spindles of movies too. Oh and let’s not even talk about VHS tapes shall we?


Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

I love my wife. I wanted to post that not just because her birthday is this Sunday and I don’t have anything to give her or any money to get her anything. Somehow in this move, we also managed to lose tons of cooking things (roaster pan, cookie sheets, and other stuff). Of course, we always say that we don’t want to get anything for one another, but I really do want to get Nancy something. I know that somehow we will get our phones or the new WoW expansion collector’s edition or something for my birthday.
We say this of course because we do treat ourselves from time to time.
So my question to you my readers:

What can I do for my wife’s birthday which won’t cost a dime, and will still be special to her?

I have made cd’s previously, but now, most of the music that I like as opposed to what she likes is so divergent, that she considers my music to be bizarre and many times I find that she skips the songs which I included because they said the most. For example, I might have a Brad Paisley deep cut ballad on a CD. She is looking for the Taylor Swift radio edit.

I reguarly get her the tv shows she wants to see. I make them available to her without fanfaire.

I have already started sending texts to wish her a happy birthday in 2 days…

Looking for your suggestions.

Thanks, oh and the sooner the better right?

31st-Oct-2010 07:08 pm - On the Road Again

Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

Grrrrr… Dang it, we are moving again. We can’t afford this house and the heating bills for it. So now, we move further north (and closer to my work, thankfully) to Taylorsville. There are advantages and disadvantages to be certain.

  1. An apartment means I don’t have to shovel my walks or my driveway.
  2. My electric bill should be less.
  3. Workout space (Apartment has a treadmill, elliptical and others).
  4. Pool for next summer.
  5. Closer to work (and Nancy’s hopeful employment.
  6. New library. The current library doesn’t have much of a selection for Kayla or I. This new one is part of the greater Salt Lake City system of libraries so a larger selection (even if we have to request it and wait).


  1. Leaving our ward which we love. Going into a branch which covers the whole of our apartment complex and nothing else. We have been told to expect two or three callings for this branch.
  2. This place we are moving into is a 3 bedroom. Talk about tight spaces.
  3. P ain in the … Yeah this is another quick move, and I think we are going to have to make some additional sacrifices to make it work.
  4. Asking my friends and family who helped move into this place, to help us move again.
  5. Have to get the schools straight for the kids again and possibly get them qualified for meals again.
  6. Losing the travel time to work means I can’t listen to The Mike O’Meara Show on my way to work like I used to.

Yeah, we plan for a year at this new place but who knows.

27th-Oct-2010 10:25 am - Day Two

Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

And yesterday, I made it through the day with just two sodas! One in the morning and one at dinner. I did plan to drink a third one but ended up going to bed earlier than I had planned.

26th-Oct-2010 06:43 am - I Really Need to Stop

Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

Now seriously, no one tell Nancy, but she is right. I really need to lay off the Pepsi. I have a new job and one of the great benefits they offer is free soda. Great for others, not so great for me. I can easily drink 6 or more cans of Pepsi or Mountain Dew (Code Red), or Root Beer in an eight hour shift.

When I worked for other companies, I would fill my 52 ounce drink with water and work on two or three of those in a day, but that was water. That was good for me.

As the year comes to a close again, I find myself wanting to lose 75 pounds next year. That could get me down to 150 or so. Even today, I started walking on my breaks. I put my ipod on, turned on the tunes, and walked around my building, then walked around another building, and then back around our building. I need to figure out a good path, and figure out how many steps I am doing from here. If I can force myself to do that twice a day, I should soon have 30 minutes or so of exercise every day. Even now, I have decided to take the stairs up and down to get in each morning and leaving in the afternoon.

Now I need to figure out how to get a better solution for my fluid intake. Yesterday, I sat and stared at an unopened can of my little blue sweetness. I lasted with it unopened for the last hour… I give it a chance of making it. My new plan is 3 sodas in a day. One in the morning, one at dinner, and one to finish the day.

17th-Sep-2010 01:04 am - Yeah I have Failed You Yet Again…

Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

So I decided to write. But really only because I can’t sleep, and am in Phoenix for the weekend. Of course this means that I could drive around and do more than I could normally do in Orem, but it isn’t the same. I actually don’t want to drive around. I don’t like the heat already, even though I only left a few months ago.

I suppose I could drive around and see what has changed, and maybe to see if someone has moved into the old place. I would play WoW but I am staying at Stepho’s place so I don’t this that is my best option. Stepho wanted to rebuild his pc into a new case. I suppose I could do that but I don’t know where his tools are and I don’t want to deprive him of his PC right now for any period of time.

So if you are still up, or if you want details of Nancy’s graduation (which is why we are in town), text me or shoot me an email.

Oh and soon (maybe tomorrow while everyone is at work), I may post an update of my job process.


Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

Part of the reason that we moved up to this heavenly place was to increase our focus on our family and our spiritual goals. Nancy pointed out tonight that we had been missing a few opportunities to improve those choices. So tonight, we had prayer together. In the morning, I am going to try and get the kids up and do it again. Even now, I am reading the scriptures tonight. Lets see how we can do eh? Please, feel free to keep me honest.

6th-Aug-2010 02:36 pm - Look out my Front Door!

Originally published at Amazing Walkthrough. Please leave any comments there.

So, I recently changed the theme of my blog. It was a bit stale but I also saw a similar view where I am living now.

Looking out my front door:

a view from out our front door.

Yeah, I know it mostly shows a tree but the mountain behind it. Yes, I can just imagine that with snow all over it. Can’t you?

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